1848 Legacy Society

A Legacy for Lancing

The 1848 Legacy Society was created in 2006, in recognition of our founder’s vision and foresight, to allow the Head Master and staff to thank all those who have made provision for, or are considering leaving a legacy in their Will to the College.

The society meets annually at a special event to hear from the Head Master about the College’s progress.  It also gives him the opportunity to acknowledge people’s generosity during their lifetime.

While we continually seek support for Lancing in the form of regular giving and donations, our hope for the long term prosperity of the College list with legacies.  Gifts left to Lancing in a bequest are highly tax effective and in the future are likely to provide substantial funds to support the College’s longer term development objectives.  We acknowledge the importance of a legacy programme in securing the College’s future and also, we understand that it is not practical for many or our friends to offer Lancing financial support during their lifetime.  A bequest may be easier or more appropriate to individual circumstances.  We hope you might perhaps consider how far your life has been influenced for the better by Lancing and by the generosity of previous generations of the school’s benefactors, and judge whether you can do a little, at least, to help future generations in the same way.

Membership of the 1848 Society is offered to those who indicate to the College that they have made, or intend making, provision in their Will for Lancing.  It is very fitting that the Society acknowledges and honours, privately or publicly, generous donors who, by way of a bequest, have planned to invest in the future of our great school.  Donors who make substantial bequests can have their name associated with a particular bursary or capital project and their generosity will be recorded on an honours board in Great School.

Further information about the Lancing 1848 Society is available from Catherine Reeve on +44 (0)1273 465786 or clr@lancing.org.uk

A copy of the Legacy Brochure can be downloaded here

A copy of the Legacy Form can be downloaded here