All students take part in Physical Education until the end of the Fifth Form. In addition the subject may be taken as a GCSE.

About the Curriculum

This compulsory course for all students enables a rotation of activities to be completed in small class groups with specialist PE teachers covering all areas of the National Curriculum. Emphasis is placed on building skills in activities not centrally placed in the co-curricular timetable and time is scheduled for inter-class competitions.

The programme covers the following activities throughout the Senior School: fitness testing and training, dance, indoor and outdoor games, squash, swimming, water games, athletics, cricket, rounders, softball and tennis.

Selected students in the Fourth Form may be given the option of completing a GCSE short course in PE using the hours given to curriculum PE time and sport. This will amount to half a GCSE and will involve performance in two activities, a written assignment and sitting an exam.

GCSE Physical Education (Fourth and Fifth Forms)

This course is offered in two GCSE option blocks for students with interest and skills in sport entering the Fourth Form and is continued over two years. Students study a wide range of topics including:

  • Factors affecting performance: skeleton, muscles and joints, circulatory and respiratory systems, skill acquisition, motivation, social aspects and facilities.
  • Health, fitness and physical activity: components of fitness, diet, physique, drugs, fitness testing and training methods and effects.
  • Social and cultural factors: age, gender, disability, school influences and pathways to involvement.

Practical aspects rely on improving the application of skills, techniques and tactics, evaluating and improving performance and understanding rules and safety in four sporting areas. Students also complete the Level 1 Sports Leaders' Award as part of the course