Information for current and new parents

Welcome to our Parent Pages.

This section is provided for exclusive use by parents of pupils of Lancing College and those who are about to join the College.

This area aims to bring together all the information and documentation which will be important and useful for Lancing Parents. You will also find a link to the Lancing Parent Portal where you can access further information, reports and classifications for your child.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel that something is missing.

Recent news

LANCING'S RETURN FROM LUDLOW IN MAY 1945 - As recalled by Major Robin Barton, MBE
I joined Lancing in January 1943 in Ludlow and entered Second's House at Caynham Court. The school was in evacuation from its home at Lancing which had been taken over by the Navy to become...
News from the Farm - update 21 April
Most the lambs are doing well and we only have a handful of ewes left to have lambs now. It has been a really straightforward season and (‘touch wood’) there haven't been any major problems...
News from the College Farm
Life on the Farm has continued as usual in the past weeks. I know some of our students were worried about the livestock and especially the lambs, please rest assured that everything is good. Our...