Joining Lancing

The different points of entry

Every year Lancing welcomes over 150 new pupils to the College. Our Admissions Team is very aware that choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a parent will make, and that the process is different for every family.

Our website will give you some real insights into Lancing. However, we feel that nothing can replace a personal visit. It is an opportunity to get under the skin of Lancing and really hear and see for yourself how we would bring out the best in your child as an all-round talented individual.
Every personal visit includes a meeting with the Head Master, House staff and some of our amazing pupils, to help you experience the special atmosphere that is Lancing.

Find out more about Third Form entry routes

Find out more about Sixth Form entry routes

Information on Third Form/Year 9 Entry (13 years)

and 2023 

Places for 2022 and 2023 are limited. Please contact us to enquire about availability.


Year 7 assessment route to take place middle of November 2022. Deadline for applications middle of October 2022. 


Registration for the Advance (Pre-Test) Programme is now open. Deadline for applications middle of October 2022. Students who apply through this route will receive the outcome of their application in February 2023. 

Information on Sixth Form (A Level) Entry (16 years)


Places for 2022 are limited. Please contact us to enquire about availability.


Registration for 2023 is now closed. Please contact Admissions for further information. 


Admissions Policy

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