Academic Enrichment


Lancing’s wide range of enrichment activities is highly varied and is targeted at the Sixth Form, with some elements also available to pupils of all ages. The College has a proud tradition of creative, well-read, intellectual individualism which has provided many life-forming memories for our current and former pupils. Our long history of clubs and societies has spanned multiple decades. The Debating Society was formed in 1864 and remains a popular activity today.

Our enrichment activities offer opportunities to work with, debate and hear from others of diverse cultural origins, and appreciate different ideas and perspectives. These activities are designed to prepare our pupils for a lifetime of intellectual curiosity and contemplation. Many pupils are inspired by the freedom to explore their own interests and enrich their individual thought and prose.

Enrichment Opportunities

After the challenges of GCSEs our Sixth Form enrichment programme seeks to really stretch, challenge and inspire our pupils further. We aim to foster growth by giving students the opportunity to engage with one another and the faculty; in research, academic seminars, societies and lectures, all with the aim of sharing ideas, exploring possibilities, and taking initiatives.

There is a wide range of societies and clubs that thrive at Lancing; providing the opportunity for all pupils to enjoy and engage in different cultures, ideas and perspectives.

Fresh into the first Term of the Lower Sixth pupils are invited to take part in the Heresy Project, where they are encouraged to be intellectually heretical, to challenge comfortably orthodox, prosaic textbook thinking in feistily argued extended essays of over 1,500 words. These essays are judged and the best essays published.

The Scholars programme plays an important role in pupils’ personal development and in expanding their thoughts on the future. This is open to all pupils and includes termly Head Master's lectures, lectures from expert researchers, and debates; all with the objective of enhancing pupils’ love of learning and encouraging engaged well-read and questioning thinking, both of which are required for top university success.

Those scholars aspiring to gain Oxbridge places receive additional preparation, practice interviews and support from Lancing staff, to give them the best chance of succeeding in the very competitive application process.