A focal point for the future - a link with the past.

Lancing College was founded by Nathaniel Woodard in 1848 and was the first of the Woodard Schools to be established in the UK. The Old Lancing Club was founded in 1878 for the benefit of former Lancing College pupils known as OLs. It now has over 8000 members with over 1300 of these spread around the world. Girls started to enter the school in 1978 and they celebrate their 40th anniversary this year. There are now 1500 old girls.

The Old Lancing Club is run by a committee of OLs with Sir Tim Rice (Seconds 1958 -1962) as our President and Martin Todd (Field's 1969 -1974) as our Chairman. Other Officers include a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Club strongly encourages all OLs to consider becoming more involved in the committee. Officer roles come up for re-election each year and Committee members every three years. If you are interested in taking an active interest in running the Club, please contact: oldlancingclub@lancing.org.uk or call +44 (0)1273 465709

The Club communicates with its membership in its own section “The Club Review” within the College magazine “The Quad” and is published three times per year. More immediate news is conveyed each term by e-newsletters and there is a lively Facebook site.

The Club hosts its own events which are free of charge to members including the AGM and Summer Reception, the Carol Service & Christmas Party each December and a special event for young OLs in September. There are also joint events with the College including the Over 60s Lunch and overseas reunions.  The College holds many events, celebrations and gatherings to which OLs are invited. All the events are an excellent way of networking and remaining part of the Lancing College community.

There is a very active Sports section for old boys and girls, encompassing a great many sporting activities which the Club supports financially. Leavers are encouraged to continue with their sports after Lancing and the teams participate in many leagues and old school pupils’ competitions including the Arthur Dunn Cup (football), the Cricketer Cup, the Londonderry Cup (squash), the Halford Hewitt (golf) and others.

We enthusiastically welcome all OLs to join us and get involved with their alumnae association!