Independent Learning


The latest ISI Inspection highly commends Lancing’s strength as a school in which independent thought is encouraged, fostered and celebrated.

Pupils feel the feedback they receive about their work and the range of academic clinics offered by the school support them to make good progress. The well planned personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE) curriculum is well-matched to meet the needs of pupils and reflects the school’s aims to be diverse and inclusive. 

ISI Report, October 2023

Following a core programme of metacognition strategies in the Third Form, pupils are given multiple opportunities to develop and discover enthusiasm for independent learning, via the school curriculum, co-curriculum and through individual tutor support.

Specially designed activities promote successful intellectual development through the Senior School and into preparation for the Sixth Form.

About Independent Thinking

All Third Form pupils have dedicated “Learning to Learn” periods in addition to a supervised period to peruse their own personal reading. This helps pupils develop a foundation of core skills and helps them to explore and develop their own learning. The programme encourages pupils to consider different types of knowledge, assess research integrity, and conduct their own research. There is time for self-evaluation, reflection and peer review and the year culminates in every pupil completing a 3,000 word project.

At curriculum level most subjects incorporate elements for which independent thinking is encouraged, often as part of developing a portfolio or project or as part of GCSE assessment.

In the Sciences, independent thinking and critical reflection are developed through practical skills, fieldwork and the designing of experiments. In other subjects these skills are enhanced through creative writing, problem solving and artistic composition. Pupils are encouraged to share their work with others as part of a process of self-reflection, peer review and support and challenge.

Many pupils participate in competitions within the College and nationally.

Enrichment and Extension

The range of co-curricular activities in the Senior School provides pupils with the opportunities to grow and refine their independent thinking skills. This could be through the 20 different societies on offer including: school debating, writing for the school online journal, participating in competitions, hearing from visiting speakers and joining in the Combined Cadet Force or Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme.

Beyond the formal curriculum, the Lancing day affords multiple opportunities for pupils to expand their horizons alone or in partnership with others.

Lancing’s many trips also offer a valuable opportunity to learn in a real-life setting and this can take place through visiting new places, listening to different perspectives or testing experiments in a new location.

Leaders provide pupils with opportunities to take part in a diverse range of in-house and co-curricular activities. Pupils readily respond individually or collectively to opportunities to contribute to the wider world.

ISI Report, October 2023