A Woodard School

Lancing College is the senior school of Woodard Schools, the largest group of independent Church of England schools in England and Wales, formed in 1848.

The founder of Lancing College, Nathaniel Woodard, priest and educational visionary, established The Woodard Corporation (now called Woodard Schools) in 1848 as a result of noticing that the Church was providing education for the poorer families, the wealthy had private tutors but the middle classes were being neglected. He established schools with a strong religious ethos that addressed the needs of the whole child – mental, physical and spiritual. He believed strongly that education is best delivered in a supportive community where every child is valued and encouraged.

This pioneering belief is accepted as best practice today and is an example of how Woodard Schools have been, and continue to be, at the forefront of education in the UK. Every Woodard School has a chapel where all the pupils can come together, and School Chaplains as well as the Senior Provost help look after the welfare of each child alongside the teaching staff.