About the Curriculum

The OCR A Level course has been designed to give students the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to become engaged global citizens. Through the study of dynamic and contemporary topics students can understand and interact with issues that affect people and places at a range of scales from local to global – and all that is in between. Geography will encourage the development of a sense of wonder about the world. Geography is potentially the most relevant subject for any student in the 21st century and the Geography Department aims to encourage a passion and love of this dynamic subject. We will continue to organise our hugely successful visits to Iceland and Nepal and we plan to visit more local locations that will be relevant to the chosen topics.

Geography at GCSE is not a requirement for students who wish to embark on the A Level, but those who have taken GCSE would usually be expected to have achieved at least a grade 6. The A Level will require a wide range of skills including mathematics, a clear writing style and the ability to read and digest information selectively. Most important is a curiosity of the world around you and a desire to know how it all works and interacts. Geography is a broad based subject that combines well with both arts and science A Levels.


The College's location in the South Downs National Park and close to the coast makes local fieldwork easy, and we also visit Worthing and other urban areas in the vicinity. In the Sixth Form we visit Iceland and Swanage (World Heritage Coastline). We also run a regular trip to Nepal.