Lancing Connected

Lancing Connected - A new way to connect with OLs, parents and staff, benefit from career and business networks and be the first to know about events and special interest groups.
Make and maintain life-long friendships

Lancing Connected will help you enjoy and benefit from your association with the College and the Community through a varied events programme, including informal drinks, reunions and much more.

Grow Business Networks

Lancing Connected will enhance our existing business networks and offer greater opportunities to make contacts, share ideas and create business opportunities.  Join a network to connect with others in your profession or to develop your skills in a new area.

Build a Careers and Mentor Network

We want all OLs to benefit from the experience and expertise of our global community.  This careers network will help our newest OLs with careers advice and provide unique work experience opportunities. More experienced OLs can volunteer to take on important mentoring roles.

Join Lancing Connected