Why Lancing

It’s difficult to quantify the magic of a Lancing education. It’s more than the sum of its parts and it is the safe and supportive environment in which pupils grow that allows them to become dynamic, adventurous, caring individuals, each on their own incredible journey.

From the moment that pupils join Lancing they become part of a community and – wherever they lay their heads at night – they all benefit from the all-inclusive care and support of a boarding school ethos. Lancing is a place of scholarship where pupils learn with integrity. We teach our students to be curious and to think deeply, for themselves and for the right reasons, underpinned by the essential attributes of learning. Our school is not an exam factory and our teachers take delight in going far beyond teaching to the test. Our learning is deeper and our excellent exam results are a wonderful by-product of the more profound and long-lasting scholarly rigour that underpins all that we do.

Parents and children that choose to come to Lancing often talk about it feeling right for their child, and we invite you to come to see for yourself.

'My daughter chose it and fell in love with it when we visited. When she got home she said ‘I’m going to Lancing’, she just loved the whole place and the vibe of it.'

Lancing Parent

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