Our target

We have been successful with our target to raise £3 million in the first five years and in fact have raised this 18 months ahead of schedule.

In October 2022, we have 17 Foundationers in the School and 11 OL Foundationers either at university or in the workplace. 

We are now in phase two of the campaign. Our target this time will be to raise £5.5m. This figure will ensure that a further 40 young people showing ambition, talent and aspiration will be given the opportunity of a life-changing Lancing education.

Lancing Foundationers are as varied a group as all Lancing students in their pursuit of their own interests. What is clear too is that they are leading influences in the daily life of the College, starring in our school leadership, in a wide range of academic and co-curricular spheres and, just as importantly, in the social and emotional life of the College. It is easy to wax lyrical about the value that any student gains from being at Lancing. What impresses me about our Foundationers is how much value they bring to Lancing, enriching not only their own lives but those of their classmates.

Dr John Herbert, Deputy Head Academic