Dance - Sixth Form


Dance is offered to all pupils at the College in a variety of disciplines. Throughout the year, pupils in the Third Form have the opportunity to learn dance as part of the PE curriculum. Dance may also be chosen as part of the GCSE PE examination.

Dance by Design, Lancing's annual dance showcase and choreographic awards, provides an outlet for performance at all levels as well as the development of creativity and theatricality.


There are weekly ballet classes for complete beginners who are looking for an introduction to this form of dance; advanced work, including pointe work, is offered to more experienced students. Ballet helps to develop core strength, body control and good posture, along with a strong sense of discipline.

Modern/Contemporary Dance

With its more relaxed, emotive style, modern dance helps pupils to develop their sense of rhythm and musicality. In using their bodies for self-expression, students will gain flexibility, strength and co-ordination, and improve their spatial awareness.


Both Yoga and Pilates are forms of exercise that naturally complement the dancer, helping both physical flexibility and muscle definition, along with mental relaxation and meditation.

Street Jazz

Street Jazz fuses elements of jazz, hip-hop and funk to form a distinctive style. This popular form of dance allows for wide expression of individuality; students can explore a range of creative ideas and develop their stamina, dynamic power and coordination.