Second’s House takes up a whole side of the Lower Quad and is close to the Dining Hall on one side and the café on the other.

Its motto is 'Secundus Nemini' or 'Second to None' which reflects our desire to give everything a go! Often seen as a sporty House, we win our fair share of competitions of which there are many at Lancing.


David Harvey

Mr David Harvey,

Housemaster, Biology Teacher

Meet the House Staff

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  • Mr David Harvey
    Housemaster, Biology Teacher
  • Mr Gordon Drummond
    Assistant Housemaster, Economics and Politics Teacher
  • Ms Natalie Ashby
  • Dr Richard Bustin
    House Tutor, Head of Geography
  • Mr James Grime
    House Tutor, Teacher of Geography
  • Ms Abby Eustace
    House Tutor, Art Teacher
  • Mr David Janes
    House Tutor, Head of Hockey
  • Mr Kada Faida
    House Tutor, Teacher of French
  • Mr Alistair Harper
    House Tutor, CCF Commander