Founded in 1978, Manor was the first purpose-built girls' boarding House at Lancing; one of four girls' Houses now in the school. The House is now home to some 40 day and boarding girls aged 13 to 18 years. Every year the House warmly welcomes ten to twelve new girls. Contact with the new girls begins before the start of term and the whole House is involved in helping them settle in, make friends and find their way around.

Being the smallest girls' House, Manor has an intimate family feel where the girls become part of a close knit community and where friendships last well beyond Lancing. The special and diverse mix of girls and personalities in the House gives opportunities for everyone to be part of the House and get involved. Close friendships and support networks develop between day girls and boarders, and holiday exchanges are a frequent occurrence.

The girls make the House and give it an unmistakable sense of family. The central staircase and single front door give the girls and House staff plenty of opportunities to meet and mix together. Socialising also takes place in the common rooms, kitchens and on the landings where there is space to sit and share experiences.

School life during the Lancing week and also importantly at weekends is busy. Manor girls are frequently performing in school plays, music concerts and take part in a variety of sports representing Lancing and also the House. Quiet time at weekends is used to catch up on study, watch TV, go on an organised school/House visit, chat with friends or join in the famous Manor baking sessions.

Sited slightly away from the main Quad, the House is close enough to feel part of the school but also sufficiently removed for it to feel like a real home. 

Ms Kelly Edwards

Ms Kelly Edwards

Housemistress, Assistant Director of Sport

Meet the House Staff

  • Ms Kelly Edwards
    Housemistress, Assistant Director of Sport
  • Miss Emilie Harlow
    Assistant Housemistress, Music Graduate Assistant
  • Mrs Jan Nicoll
  • Mr John Bullen
    House Tutor, Head of Mathematics
  • Mrs Rebecca McNamara
    House Tutor, Head of Learning Support
  • Miss Deborah Sellers
    House Tutor, Teacher of History and RS
  • Ms Christy Edwall
    House Tutor, Teacher of English