Design and Technology

The Design and Technology Department is housed in a striking building featuring a series of large open-plan workshops with panoramic views over the South Downs and the sea.

These surroundings establish a relaxing yet inspiring space in which to face design challenges. The subject focuses on the created environment around us, how it came to be, how it changes, and what issues humanity will face in the future.

About the Curriculum

The A Level Product Design course of study within Design and Technology broadly investigates the creation of all manufactured products. With a focus on problem-solving and independent project work, students undertake design challenges from identifying situations through to analysing final solutions. Product Design encompasses a wide range of design disciplines including consumer products, engineering problems, architecture, fashion, electronics and traditional craftsmanship.

In addition to two written papers at the end of the Upper Sixth, students will undertake a major independent study design project that accounts for 50% of the A Level. The major project will be supported with a number of smaller, side projects which will look into specific aspects of the world of design. Some will be purely practical and others will be purely theoretical; some will be very brief and others will be much more in-depth.

Within the Lancing College Design and Technology Department we create a structure intended to give students the widest possible range of experience in different aspects of designing while still offering opportunities for tailoring the projects to best fit individual interests. It is one of the few A Level courses to offer, at its core, the development of major project management skills.

We emphasise working in groups and teams throughout the projects. At A Level the course changes markedly from GCSE, with group sizes generally less than half the size of GCSE and weekly lesson time doubled. There is open workshop time during most afternoons and A Level students are welcome to spend free lessons in the Design and Technology Centre.


The Department arranges a number of visits each year; recent trips have included the BMW/MINI factory, the Brunel degree show in London, the Goodwood Festival of Speed and other local manufacturing facilities.

A number of varied activities takes place during the year. There are links with Young Enterprise students, who can use the College workshops for manufacturing. The CCF engineering project has been the construction of a motorcycle engine-powered buggy, while a joint project with the Science Department sees the construction of an electric race car for the annual Greenpower races.


A number of students pursue careers related to designing. Pupils may go on to study architecture, engineering, product design, graphic design or urban planning. For many others their experience adds to a rounded education and a better understanding of the world around them.