Gemma Wren, Sankey’s 2007–2011

Gemma Wren

I spent four years at Lancing after joining in the Fourth Form. Attending Lancing changed the course of my life and provided me with an education that far exceeded my previous experience, and has since opened many doors that would have otherwise been closed. I am extremely grateful to the College for having given me this opportunity and I have many wonderful memories of my time at Lancing. I fully support the Foundationers Campagin and I am delighted that, since my time at Lancing, the scheme has grown and a great many students in situations similar to myself have had the joy of experiencing life at Lancing.

Gemma graduated from the University of Exeter in 2014 with a degree in Philosophy & Theology. Following this she decided to pursue a career in medicine and went on to study for a further medical degree at Brighton & Sussex Medical School. Gemma is now working as a doctor in Edinburgh.