Mr Kada Faïda

BA Université de Perpignan, PGCE University of Brighton
Teacher of French and Spanish
Photo of Mr Kada Faïda

Kada completed his studies in International Business and Marketing in his home country (France) at universities in Strasbourg and Perpignan and has worked in marketing for various cosmetic and online retailers in France, Canada, Spain, Japan, and eventually the UK since 2010. Passionate about education and language, Kada gained his teaching qualification (PGCE) from the University of Brighton in 2018.

In his free time, he has been collaborating with educators of diverse backgrounds in Brighton and Hove to advocate for inclusivity and diversity within the education sector and serves as a mentor to students of colour from the University of Brighton, supporting them in their journey towards success.

During his leisure time, Kada finds enjoyment in socialising and reconnecting with his roots in the French mountains of Les Vosges. He also relishes visiting his family and friends, exploring the works of world music artists, and indulging in international movies. His curiosity extends to global affairs and international politics, which he closely follows.