Third Form Entry Routes to Lancing

Pupils join Lancing from many different schools; the most common routes are from UK Preparatory Schools and International Schools, but we welcome pupils from all schools. Please call our Admissions Team and they will be happy to guide you about the route which is most appropriate for your child.

Please contact our Admissions Team: / 01273 465805


Advance (Pre-Test) Programme (Year 6, UK Pupils Only) 

The Advance (Pre-Test) Programme was introduced as an early entry route for pupils joining Lancing in Year 9. It has proved remarkably successful and we have seen and expect to continue to see increased demand for entry via this route for pupils based in the UK. Registrations is due by the end of October of Year 6. Candidates on the Advance Programme route will be invited to attend an Experience Day at the College for assessment. This takes place in the January of Year 6. Pupils who apply through the Advance Programme route will receive the outcome of their application in February/March of Year 6.

We strongly recommend that parents use the Advance Programme route to gain a firm place at Lancing College. Parents applying within 18 months of the start of Year 9 risk their child only being offered a place on our waiting list.

Year 7 Application Route (Year 7, UK Pupils Only) 

The Year 7 Application route will take place in the Autumn Term of Year 7. Registration is due by mid-October of Year 7. Candidates will be invited to attend an Assessment Day at the College in the November of Year 7. Pupils who apply through this route will receive the outcome of their application by the end of the Autumn Term.

The number of places remaining open for entry at the Year 7 stage or later will be small and inevitably more competitive than via the Advance Programme route.

Later Applications (UK Pupils Only) 

For anyone applying after the Year 7 Application route, places will be assessed on an individual basis according to availability. Please will be offered after the individual assessments have been completed.

International Applications (Non-UK based pupils)

International applications can be received up to three years before the year of entry to Lancing College. Assessments will be arranged on an individual basis and can be sat in person at the College, or remotely. Places will be offered after individual assessments have been completed.