Upper Sixth Formers visit the Tate Modern

At the beginning of February the Upper Sixth Art and Photography students visited the Tate Modern to begin researching their exam paper themes. During the day the students immersed themselves into a world of Art, making connections between why artists and photographers make their work and how the students themselves might start their own projects. After marvelling at the impressive architecture of the industrial gallery building, the group took in the striking Cecilia Vicuña installation in the Turbine Hall.

The students explored the main collections in the gallery, which included artwork centred around the relationship between artist and studio as well as the significance of colour in an artist’s work. Students took in the vast array of artwork and sketched pieces of interest from observation, generating valuable first-hand research in their sketchbooks. This will allow students to identify links between the work they were viewing and how they might respond to the exam paper themes.

After lunch the students visited two special exhibitions, both equally impressive. Firstly Maria Bartuszová, where students discovered her delicate plaster sculptures inspired by the natural world, alongside photographs of the artist’s sculptures in both her studio and different environments. Students then experienced an impressive exhibition of Magdalena Abakanowicz’s radical sculptures made from woven fibre. These sculptures towered above the viewer, suspended from the ceiling to create an immersive viewing experience. The day ended with time to explore the areas surrounding the Tate Modern whilst the sun was shining, allowing students to revisit the main collections or to carry out a photoshoot, responding to their themes and the artwork they had experienced in the gallery.

Harriet Broom, Teacher of Photography

Art students from Lancing College at the Tate Modern