Annual Careers Fair Inspires Students

The Lancing College Annual Careers Fair is a vital part of the My Future Careers Programme which stretches across The Fifth and Sixth Form. The Fair itself focuses on assisting Fifth Form and new Sixth Form students to explore different professions and the many different routes of entry available including A Level and University choices. As part of the Fair this year, OLs, Parents and Guests came together to offer seminars across 15 different areas of employment. This year new speakers presented on careers in Architecture, Arts & Media, Technology and Entrepreneurship; they complemented our returning speakers covering; Finance, Law, Sport, Marketing, the Civil Service, Teaching, Engineering, Marketing, Medicine, NGO’s, Science and Real Estate. Another session introduced students to the opportunities of Overseas Universities, an area of increasing interest.  


The Careers Fair was one of the final elements in a busy three months of My Future activities for the Fifth Form. The term started with all students completing a Morrisby assessment; a career-matching tool to discover strengths, ambitions and goals, which concludes with a personalised report. Students then were able to discuss this with their tutor and family; in addition, they all received a one-to-one coaching session with an independent careers' advisor.  At the beginning of the Lent Term pupils will make their initial A Level choices.  

Following the Careers Fair, students discussed taking advantage of the additional resources provided by both the speakers and the Morrisby platform as well as more widely. They also intend to have further discussions with tutors and parents. One of the most talked about next steps identified was looking for work experience and internships. 


Students told us about some of the things they learnt during the Fair: 

They learnt (in their own words):  

  • How many branches there are to a specific career 

  • A lot about finance and marketing 

  • The avenues to go through to go overseas 

  • Interested in Law, which was a surprise  

  • That job mobility and how different beginnings are sometimes equally effective in getting a high position job in a competitive field 

  • What the average day looks like for a lawyer 

  • When working in science, you can branch out to other career options which means that an undergraduate degree in science can be a strong suit due to the requirement for analytical thinking 

  • That you don’t need a degree in engineering to do engineering 

  • Entrepreneurship around science-type products/services 

  • Understanding how many opportunities I could have for the A Levels that I plan to choose 

  • Learning what marketing was about was cool 

  • The different types of careers you can have from a science degree e.g - how useful business courses are.  


Commenting after the Fair, Mrs Cree said: 

Each year we seek to improve this event through introducing new sessions and working with speakers to share feedback from the sessions. It is really pleasing to see the extent to which students are talking to their family, tutors and other connections as they plan which workshops to attend. This is such an amazing opportunity to learn from experts in their field, to ask questions and to reflect on this in good time. The message about the value of gaining the work ready skills through activities at school, work experience and mentoring was especially consistent this year from speakers.