Dance the Night away ...

Back in May members of Lancing’s Vortex dance company went to a performance by BalletBoyz, a contemporary dance company, at the Connaught Theatre in Worthing.

I had the great pleasure of seeing BalletBoyz: Deluxe with the College’s boys’ dance troupe, Vortex. I was amazed at the energy that each of the performers brought to the performance and, as I watched them, I was thinking, ‘If only I could do that!’.

It was truly amazing to see a group of men, and only men, dancing around a stage, which I hope will be an inspiration to many young boys to start dancing. As a result, I have a new-found sense of determination to work harder to be like the dancers we saw. They have really inspired me to try and achieve more – for example doing a double turn in mid-air or triple pirouettes.

Our Dance group Vortex works in many different styles and disciplines of dance, but we are most notable for our jazz and hip-hop style dances. We recently performed at Lancing’s Dance Sharing event held in Great School, and it was such an honour to be able to be a part of Vortex’s first public performance since its creation in 2019. We danced to the music of Beggin’ and Fly Me to the Moon, and it was great to bring back to life a dance that we started working on in 2019, and perform it alongside a new dance we learnt for this show.

Theo A, Fifth Form.