Third Formers Unleash Their Inner Filmmaker

During our fun-filled Third Form Enrichment Week, we welcomed One-Day Film School onto campus to captivate our aspiring filmmakers. In a day filled with lights, cameras, and awesome action, our pupils were inspired to pursue their cinematic dreams.

The journey into the world of filmmaking commenced with an immersive fight choreography session that taught participants to perfect fight moves just as well as the best Bond. From camera angles to creative makeup, our Third Formers explored the tricks of the trade that bring action movie magic to life.

Next, they embarked on a journey through film history, gaining profound insights into the industry's evolution and impact. Armed with newfound knowledge, our enthusiastic Third Formers were ready to embark on their own filmmaking endeavours.

Their creative exploration began with a 3-shot film session, encouraging them to learn from mistakes and embrace growth. The One-Day Film School team provided invaluable feedback on these initial shots, paving the way for pupils to tackle a challenging 10-shot filming session. These hands-on practical sessions allowed participants to unleash their creativity, collaborating with their peers to bring their visions to life.

The event concluded with an Oscars ceremony, where our students' outstanding talent was celebrated and recognised. Participants left with a new passion for filmmaking, armed with valuable knowledge and skills gained throughout the day.