A life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfactory!

We are so pleased to see the return of trips and visits to our school calendar. So far this academic year we have had 31 day trips and 15 residentials. These are fantastic opportunities for Lancing students to not only broaden their horizons but to support and engage them with their academic studies.
This Easter we see the departure of the golfers to Scotland to play at St Andrews, the tennis players flying off to Cyprus, a Geography trip off to Iceland, a ski trip to Italy and the cricketers and netballers are off to Barbados. Looking ahead there is a cultural trip to Costa Rica in the summer holidays. Throughout the term, departments are running day trips which include: Theatre trips, Geography fieldwork, Biology Fieldwork, Art and Photography to London Museums, Classics trips and a Biology trip to Drusillas zoo. The CCF, DofE and explorer scouts have undergone two overnight exercises. 

Although it is really busy calendar we appreciate how important trips are for our students. They can be linked to expanding academic studies, developing sporting skills and experiencing different cultures. The benefits are numerous - they help build self-efficacy, resilience, relationships and have a positive impact upon school behaviour and attitudes.