Celebrating Chinese New Year

On Sunday 11 February, Lancing College celebrated Chinese New Year with their annual party organised by Head of Chinese, Qiao Liang. Please read Nicola K's article about the event below.

A Great Night to Remember  

Celebrating the year 2024, we plunged into the excitement of Chinese New Year, marking the Year of the Dragon with immense spirit. Even though we are far from Asia, we embraced the festivities wholeheartedly. Students from different backgrounds all gathered together to put on a spectacular celebration, featuring dazzling dances, moving singing covers, and captivating performances that showcased the traditional Chinese culture. The campus buzzed with unity and cultural appreciation, weaving unforgettable memories for our diverse community.  


Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is celebrated not just in China but also across Asia. At Lancing College, students from diverse Asian backgrounds also joined to show the different ways they could celebrate their cultural practices during Chinese New Year, creating a vibrant mix. It's a time of cultural exchange, where rituals and delicious foods bring the community together, celebrating diversity on campus. Students who took part in the performances learned Chinese in their free time to familiarise themselves with the characters, which made the performances anticipated by many. 


Same as last year, Vicky K sang the famous Chinese song from the C-Drama ‘我多喜歡你你會知道’ better known as ‘I Like You So Much You’ll Know It’  followed by the mellow performance of Hannah W and Santino-Williams E bringing a Chinese cover of ‘Say Something’ . These two performances touched the hearts of the audience with a dramatic feeling. Still, the celebration continued with captivating dance performances, adding to the cultural richness of the event. 


Teresa Z, Rose Z, and Maddy L mesmerised spectators with their stunning traditional Chinese dance. The dance called “The Abyss in the Mirror," or ‘镜中渊+苏公堤’ shows their fluid movements and intricate choreography, the performance, adorned with vibrant costumes and evocative music, transported the audience to a world of mystery and enchantment. The celebration continues with three other song covers: Jamiee L and Claire W sang ‘无法抗拒的你’ (Irresistible), Ciara H, Mika C, and Ollie C sang ‘茉莉花’ (Jasmine) with Mika on the keyboard and Ollie on the cello creating a melodic tune. Ciara sang the song fully in Chinese, captivating the audience with her amazing effort and pronunciation of each character. 


Out of all the performances, the highlight of the evening was Jeremiah S’s performance. His rendition of ‘到此为止’ (Till The End) was truly captivating with his heart-warming voice. Ironically, even though the song was coming to an end, everyone in the hall gathered and held their torches immersed in the melody of the song. The whole crowd sang together with him, and a euphoric atmosphere could be felt throughout his performance; everyone from different cultures, different races, and different backgrounds united to create a homely feeling. 


Of course, the whole celebration couldn’t have been done without the effort of the staff and students. Students helped take part as MCs, decorators, and music directors. They helped structure the whole rundown of the celebration and ensure that the event went well amidst the busy schedule they had. The staff included Mrs. Liang who wholeheartedly directs students with their tasks based on their role. The catering team skilfully prepared a delectable array of Chinese and Chinese-inspired dishes. From succulent Cha Siu Pork to flavourful sweet and sour chicken, and Chinese egg fried rice, each dish showcased authentic flavours and meticulous attention to detail, delighting diners with a taste of Asia. 


Finally, the celebration ended with a spectacular dance performance by Tiffany X, Ally T, Sophia Y, Rose Z, Shanna J & Cloris C bringing the Traditional Chinese Dance to life with grace and elegance. As people continued with their supper, an encore of the song ‘告白气球’ (Love confession) played through the remainder of the evening, marking a great night to remember!