Co-curricular Programme... Continuing Remotely

Despite not being physically in the school, staff and pupils have continued to engage remotely for academic lessons as well as for co-curricular activities. Over 70 clubs and societies are available for pupils to choose from: from Debating to CCF, Languages and Medics, to Photography and Maths Problem Solving, these activities are an additional opportunity for pupils of all year groups and Houses to keep in touch and make new friends. 


The Choir and A Cappella Club have continued to rehearse and produced the first recording of the term 'How Brightly Beams The Morning Star' (it can be seen/heard here).


The YouTube channel Lancing Active continues to be useful in these times when we are unable to keep fit together at the school. Pupils can choose suitable workouts to fit within their schedule. 

Sport-specific training is taking place regularly, with fitness and bodyweight training set up for Senior and Junior teams. The Strava app has proved very popular again, used by pupils and staff alike to monitor their progress whether it is running or any other physical activity. Strava groups have been created for the various teams to share their achievements, and it is impressive to see pupil participation to the programme as well as the support they give each other.  

Activities in the Houses

All Houses remain at the heart of Lancing and their pastoral support is more important than ever whilst we are not in school. We have seen great participation from girls and boys in many House events such as competitions, quizzes, bingo night, an online chess tournament, and yoga and fitness groups.