Foundationers Campaign

In November donors from our OL and parent communities came together in the Library at the Reform Club to celebrate the progress of the Foundationers Campaign – Bursaries that change lives. This campaign demonstrates our long-term commitment to give young people a chance to change their lives, to become leaders and to be change makers. This was an opportunity for the Lancing community to hear personally from some of the recipients about the impact the bursary programme is having on their lives.  

Our target is to raise £5.5m to fund another 40 places over the next five years. We have 28 Foundationers in the programme today: 17 in the school and 11 OL Foundationers, nine of whom are at university. The two remaining OL Foundationers have just started their careers in law. The five who left Lancing last summer are studying a wide range of subjects: Economics at Aston University, International Business at the University of Birmingham, Marketing at the University of Bristol, Medicine at Keele University and International Politics at City, University of London. This is a real indication of the sort of opportunities the bursary programme offers our young people and how it helps them to meet their aspirations after leaving Lancing. 100% of our Foundationers have gone on to university. 

We already have £1.6m committed in funds. We use a pay-as-you-go system where every £1 raised goes toward immediate impact on young people. We are not building an endowment; we are providing tangible solutions today. The school matches the funds raised by 33% and the fund is totally ringfenced for this work. The feedback from our parent survey has been very positive and gave us the confidence to ask parents to donate 1% of their fees to the campaign. 90% of parents have agreed to this, a significant demonstration of support.  

Together we are making a difference and we could not achieve this without the support of our Lancing community. Every single donation helps us to change lives every single day. Our desire is to do a lot more. We have an Advocacy initiative; the aim is to promote awareness of the campaign and to encourage more people to get involved. We want the group of Advocates to be a forceful movement, inspiring future donors and influencing change. Please contact Catherine Reeve in the Foundation Office if you are interested in the role and would like more details:  

Dominic Oliver, Head Master commented: 'The Foundationers Campaign is central to our educational vision. Right at the heart of education is the power to change lives. And my great joy is to pull the levers of these transformations.'    

Eunice Adeoyo, OL Foundationer attended the launch, and commented: 'In many ways, being a part of the programme was the inspiration to reach back to society and help others. The benefit and impact of the Foundationers Programme does not end at the College gate. It continues through the lives Foundationers lead once they leave Lancing and the amazing things they go on to do.' 

Paige Taylor, OL Foundationer and recent law graduate, added: 'I was able to have respite from my caring duties and given the opportunity to build a strong educational foundation for myself. These bursaries are a lifeline to people like me, I am so pleased the Foundationers scheme has taken luck out of the equation.'

The programme has helped me become the young man I am today and that is someone who truly wants to make an impact in the world.

Current Upper Sixth Foundationer