Lancing Choir sings at St Paul's

The 50-strong Lancing Choir, led by Director of Music Alex Mason, enjoyed a fantastic trip to St Paul’s Cathedral to sing Evensong in front of a large congregation of local residents, tourists, parents and OLs. Receiving an invitation to sing at such renowned locations is certainly a testament to our Choir’s reputation and talent, and our pupils performed wonderfully in this beautiful setting. 

After the service some members of the Choir attended a reception alongside College, OLs and families interested in joining the school.

Pupils Benjamin, Lily, Lucian and Poppy have written about the experience.

Returning to sing Evensong at St Paul’s Cathedral was, despite the cliché, very much like coming home. I spent six years as a Chorister there, where almost every day ended with us singing that most calming and restorative service – a privilege I will hold on to for the rest of my life. So, it was wonderful to experience those two worlds of Lancing and St Paul’s coming together, also at the reception in Chapter House afterwards where I very much enjoyed meeting OLs who had some marvellous stories! The music we offered was suitably resplendent for such a stunning building (and acoustic!) and we won’t forget the enormous closing chords of Wood in E-flat swirling round the dome for many seconds after we had finished singing. The tradition of Evensong at Lancing has been revived in recent years, and we were extremely lucky to be able to offer the music just as we would in our own Chapel in the national Cathedral, very conscious of the history and glories of that place.

Benjamin I-C 

Going to St Paul's Cathedral to sing Evensong was an amazing experience for everyone involved. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to sing in a building with amazing acoustics and a magnificent organ, and a chance for some of St Paul's former choristers to sing there again. It was definitely different from singing in Lancing Chapel with the echo after the first responses lasting almost eight seconds. Around 200 people attended Evensong with both the quire and the nave full with tourists, College parents and OLs.

Lili R

Since I am an ex-chorister from St Paul's Cathedral school, this experience was very nostalgic. It was all just how I remembered it when I left, the dome was still a great sight to look at and the acoustic was still wonderful. It was a pleasure singing there with all the wonderful musicians, and the highlight was definitely the end of the anthem because the echo lingered in the building for a very long time. There were lots of new very friendly clergy, and even the photographer recognised me from two years ago which was a really pleasant surprise. The artwork on the walls was still incredible and the sheer amount of space that the cathedral took up was jaw-dropping. My favourite part of the service was the psalm because when I was in the St Paul's choir, I viewed them as a chore but now that I am more grown up I have realised how beautiful and underrated they are, especially in an acoustic as great as St Paul's. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and I hope we can go again in the future. 

Lucien S

Singing at St Paul's Cathedral was a completely unique and marvellous experience. It was a privilege to sing as a choir in such a prestigious and impressive location. Having the acoustic of the building resonate our sound was a special moment and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. The anthem O Clap your Hands by Vaughn Williams was a particular highlight for me as the sheer power of our sound made it an emotional piece. The trip was enjoyable and special, and I hope Lancing get the opportunity to return in the future and sing again!

Poppy S