Lancing College GCSE Results 2023

Lancing College has had another year of excellent GCSE results. Over 80% of grades scored were at A*-B equivalent with a 97% Grade 9 to 4 success rate and 56% of grades awarded in the Grade 9-7 band, the best in recent memory. These results are very favourably comparable to the last year and previous years in which we had examinations without Covid-19 mitigation. Lancing’s Grade 9 marks are up this year even on last year’s ‘cushioned’ GCSE results with their mitigation against lost learning during the pandemic.  

These results come hot on the heels of this year’s A Level results which also strongly bucked the national trends of a fall in top grades, showing the resilience and focus of Lancing’s students and staff in the face of the pandemic.  

Head Master Dominic Oliver commented 

It is easy to forget that this year group started at the College in September 2020, in the midst of the Global pandemic. Their first year of school was notable by significant upheaval and uncertainty which makes these results even more remarkable. They have all shown tremendous resilience and an ability to stay focused; their determination has been a key factor in their success. All of us at Lancing look forward to the next two years of Sixth Form with this promising year group. I am also extremely grateful to the College teachers and House staff who faced challenges during this period: their selfless commitment to providing excellence whether in the classroom, the boarding House or the Sports Field is something to admire wholeheartedly.



Read below for some of the individual stories of achievement from this year’s cohort: 

Gabriel Cardy-Brown from Shermanbury, West Sussex, joined Lancing from Aldro School having won an academic scholarship. He has scooped a clean sweep of 7s, 8s and 9s (the equivalent of straight As or better) including Grade 9s in his science subjects and English Literature. He goes on to the Lancing Sixth Form where he will study Drama, English Literature, History and Classical Civilisation.  

Charlie Fry of Dorking, Surrey, joined Lancing from Belmont School and has netted a fantastic three Grade 7s, four Grade 8s and a Grade 9 among his results. An avid scientist, Charlie longs to work in Formula One and will combine Sixth Form study of Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Design at Lancing with the hope of joining our CREST Award Engineering programme in partnership with local design engineers Ricardo, a pathway that has seen numerous aspirant engineers move on to the best university courses in the world for the discipline. 

Paddy Joyce continues a family run of success in the last two weeks. Paddy, like his sister, Jess – who last week secured a top Russell Group place to study Architecture – joined Lancing College from our preparatory school in Hove where he was Head Boy. Paddy netted five Grade 9s (the coveted A** equivalent) along with two Grade 8s among his results. Paddy continues in the scientific and technical footsteps of his sister, joining our outstanding Mathematics and Computing Faculty for study of Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Computing in the Sixth Form. 

Verity Khan is among our incredibly diverse cohort of international students, who make up roughly a quarter of the Lancing College Fifth Form. Verity, who travels to Lancing from Australia, achieved a clean sweep of Grade 8s and 9s at GCSE. Like so many of our students, her talents are hugely diverse; with A Levels of Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Art, she may take advantage of the outstanding Lancing College medical preparatory programme, following in the footsteps of her parents, both surgeons. However, it is just as likely that she pursues her artistic talents, pursuing a similar preparation in our state of the art visual arts school. 

Isabelle Klosowski, from Hove, came to Lancing College from our preparatory school at Hove where she was Head Girl, winning an academic scholarship to Lancing College. She has more than lived up to that accolade with a stunning clean sweep of nine Grade 9s, the coveted A** equivalent. She continues on into the Lancing Sixth Form where she will study English Literature, Psychology, French and Spanish with an aspiration towards joining our fine tradition of elite university entrance in modern languages, either in the UK or overseas.  

Nerea Kries-Margaroli of Worthing joined Lancing College from our preparatory school in Worthing, winning an academic scholarship to join the senior school. She has more than lived up to that honour, attaining eight Grade 9s (A** equivalent) along with a Grade 8 and a Grade 7. This is on top of her 9 in Spanish which she took a year early. We are delighted that she continues into the Lancing Sixth Form to study A Levels in Mathematics, Economics, History and Chemistry.   

Aywin Lau of Brighton joined Lancing College from our excellent preparatory school in Hove and has netted a clean sweep of Grades 7 and 8 (A-A* equivalent) and will go on to the Sixth Form to study Mathematics, Economics, Chemistry and History.  

Alesio Mandica joined Lancing from Hove Park School in Year 9 and has shone throughout his time with us to date, netting a clean sweep of Grades 7-9.  He will go on to span the social sciences and sciences in the Sixth Form, studying A Levels in Mathematics, Physics, Economics and Pscyhology.  

Ellen McGlone of Ferring joined Lancing College from Our Lady of Sion and has gone on to outstanding GCSE success. She scooped an incredible eight Grade 8s, the A* equivalent along with a Grade 9 and a single Grade 7, achieving a clean sweep of A-A* or better. Ellen continues into the Lancing College Sixth Form to study Design and Technology, Physics, Chemistry and Spanish, joining our illustrious list of young women excelling in STEM subjects. 

Eamon Rustom joined Lancing College from our excellent sister preparatory school in Hove, winning an academic award to the senior school. He has more than lived up to that award, netting an incredible eight Grade 9s, the coveted A** equivalent among his results and following in the fine tradition of his brother Joseph who also excelled at Lancing from Lancing Prep at Hove. Eamon goes on to specialise in the sciences with A Levels in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.  

Fin Sutcliffe from Pulborough joined Lancing from Westbourne House School and has excelled. As well as his outstanding contribution to sport as a nationally ranked runner, Fin has wowed us in the classroom, scoring six Grade 9s and three Grade 8s and goes on to the Lancing Sixth Form. He will study Business, Psychology, Mathematics and Biology with the hope of combining scientific study with high level sport. It has been a good week for the Sutcliffe family, Fin’s elder sister, Poppy, completing her studies at Lancing as Head Girl and securing her place to read English at Oxford, the world’s best course for her subject.  

Hayley Tsao of Horsham, has netted an outstanding clean sweep of Grades 8 and 9, A**-A* equivalent. Hayley goes on to the Lancing Sixth Form to continue our outstanding tradition of women excelling in STEM subjects, taking A Levels in Mathematics, Biology, Psychology and Economics.  

Max Willis of Pulborough joined Lancing College from Lancing Preparatory School at Worthing where he secured a highly competitive academic scholarship. He has more than lived up to the accolade, securing five Grade 9s among a clean sweep of Grades 7-9, the equivalent and more of straight As and A*s. Max goes on to follow the path that his brother Tom trod, being a part of Lancing’s outstanding medical preparation programme. Max will take A Levels in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics while Tom leaves Lancing to take up a place to study Medicine at Queen’s University, Belfast in October.  

Ria Yadav from London joined Lancing from St James School and has excelled. She scored five Grade 9s and three Grade 8s among a clean sweep of top marks, the equivalent to straight A*s and more. Ria has aspirations to follow in the fine tradition of Lancing students attending the world’s best courses for Modern Languages, pursuing A Levels in Mathematics, English Literature, German and Spanish.  

Kian Zanjani from Hove won an academic award to join Lancing College and has more than repaid this accolade with an outstanding sweep of GCSE scores include four Grade 9s and a further four Grade 8s (A** and A* equivalents) among his results. Kian follows a family tradition of success and caps a good week for the Zanjanis, his brother Nima having secured straight A*s at A Level and leaving Lancing to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge. Kian too will pursue sciences in the Sixth Form with us, studying Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry.