Lent Half Term Sports Update

The cold January weather could never dampen the spirits of Lancing College pupils and this first half of the Lent Term has seen its fair share of excitement and achievement. From Hockey to jockeys, the largest cohort of footballers we've seen, to self-defence and martial arts, read on for our sports round-up. 


MVPs this term include Captain Harry S, Lucas B, Alex G, George F, Bryn H, Alex McG, Will N, Jack B, Joe F, Austin J, Loui G, Cyrus D, Shimon M, Logan B and Harrison P. Congratulations to all!



A record-breaking term for football with over 70 senior boys participating. Wins for the 2nd and 3rd XI set a positive tone, while junior boys engaged in co-curricular training. The girls, gearing up for the Summer Term, honed their skills in pre-season matches. A testament to the ever-growing passion for the beautiful game at Lancing. 



Star performer Tom M shone at Coombelands, securing 4th and 3rd places at 90cm and 100cm, respectively, qualifying for the National Championships. The arrival of Manager Amy Baker promises exciting advancements in equestrianism at Lancing. 



We are delighted to share the success of Lancing College pupil, Nam, who represented Sussex Third Senior Badminton Team over the weekend playing at Basildon Sporting Village.

Facing two other counties, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire, Nam represented Sussex as our women’s single and our women’s double player, winning three out of her four matches.

Thanks to Nam's dedication and hard work, Sussex has achieved an impressive second place in the table. This remarkable accomplishment has greatly bolstered the team's prospects for a potential promotion. Following the remarkable performances on Saturday, Nam received a message to play again on Sunday for the first team in Worcester. This match was against a very strong Gloucestershire team.

After a gruelling three sets, Nam delivered a winning smash that not only secured her victory in the match but also clinched the final point for the entire team, ensuring Sussex's triumphant 6-5 win over Gloucestershire. 



Lancing basketball continued its winning tradition, comfortably beating Brighton College with a final score of 73-53. Top scorer and MVP Jakob L led the charge, exemplifying the team's dominance on the court. 



A full block fixture against Seaford showcased Lancing's netball prowess. Despite the 1st VII's 25-18 loss, Darcy H and Claire M's commendable efforts earned them MVPs. The 15As, with Amelia G securing MVP, triumphed with a 32-17 win.  



Shodokan Aikido allows pupils to learn harmony in combat, self-defence, and develop mind, body, and self. Also known as Sport Aikido, ours is a modern form of traditional Aikido, developed from Japanese warrior arts. Using wooden ‘weapons’, we develop a broad range of skills against unarmed and armed attacks. Our esteemed instructor, Paul Bonett, has over 40 years of experience and is an internationally recognised coach, referee and player. 


For more information or questions, please contact Paul pbonett@lancing.org.uk