‘A Life with no Adventure …

… is likely to be unsatisfactory!’ Assistant Head (Co-curricular), Karen Andrew, strongly believes that Lancing’s Co-curricular programme is one of the College’s strengths, and sets us apart from all other schools.

Lancing’s programme is not ‘extracurricular’ – something tagged on at the end of the day to fill in some time. It is ‘co-curricular’ because it works hand in hand with all other aspects of learning at Lancing, supporting the pupils in their mental wellbeing, in their pastoral and physical development, whilst at the same time underpinning their academic success.

The breadth of Lancing’s programme is evident not only in the number of activities, currently over 120, but also in the variety on offer to the pupils. In addition to clubs and societies which support the pupils’ academic studies, there are sport and music clubs, Art and DT workshops, opportunities to learn a new language, practise new dancing skills, or simply use this timetabled slot to pursue a hobby or interest. Cocurricular slots are ringfenced within the weekly timetable and pupils can choose from a variety of activities under the guidance of their Tutors.

We are continually updating the calendar of activities, with new sessions being introduced on a regular basis. We recently launched aikido, roller skating, Sci-Fi film club, music technology club and foraging. Dance has really taken off this term, with over 30 classes per week offering different styles, from the more traditional ballet, tap and musical theatre, to contemporary, hip hop and dance fitness.

Pupil-led activities are very popular at the College, and we encourage pupils to suggest new activities they would like to pursue if not yet on the timetable. This year, following a pupil’s recommendation, we introduced a new club for fans of Dungeons & Dragons, an opportunity open to all year groups to spend an afternoon together to play their favourite game.

Another important area of the programme includes trips and visits, which are a fundamental part of the pupils’ development while at Lancing. Fieldwork, theatre trips, sport tours and language exchanges are a few examples of what our pupils can choose from. Next term we are planning trips to Spain, Germany, Italy and Iceland, alongside a tennis tour to Cyprus and a cricket and netball tour to Barbados.

Services such as Explorer Scouts, CCF, DofE and Outreach are available to pupils from the Fourth Form onwards. They offer a broad range of exciting, adventurous and educational activities aimed at developing personal responsibility, leadership, self-discipline and teamwork outside the classroom.

Another highlight of the year so far has been seeing the Third Form enjoy new activities as part of the Co-curricular Carousel. Electronics, fencing, first aid, squash, Masterchef and horse riding are offered, amongst others, to Third Formers every Monday afternoon, rotating every two weeks. The Carousel has been designed to help new joiners get a sense of what the Co-curricular programme is about, whilst at the same time experiencing something new, settling quickly within the school and making new friends.
Karen Andrew, Assistant Head (Co-curricular)

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