Who are the Lancing College Prefects?

On Sunday, 17 September the entire school community gathered in the Chapel for the commissioning of the 2023-24 Prefects. Despite a cold, wet, and windy setting, smiles and excitement could be seen on the faces of everyone involved as the prospect of a new academic year with a cohort of new Prefects dawned. At this point, you may be asking What is a Prefect? The below article, written in collaboration with all of the 2023-24 Prefects, should shine a light on that very question.

What is a Prefect?

Lancing College Prefects act as a voice and as figureheads for the entire pupil body, bridging the gap between students and those who run the school. They work as a conduit to represent the views and overall well-being of students to the school's leadership; Head Master, Dominic Oliver, and Senior Deputy Head, Hilary Dugdale.

The Prefects’ role is to be an individual who people can look up to, often seen around the school by all pupils, either directing the congregation in the Chapel, manning the lunch queue, or perhaps speaking at public events. While this may be described as unglamorous, these are tasks our Prefects take distinctive pride in performing. They are often the first person that a prospective parent meets; the individual who greets a new pupil and their family when they first arrive at the school in September. For the visiting parent of a 10-year-old, they are an indication of all their child could achieve at Lancing College. 

How does one become a Prefect?

The process of becoming a Prefect is your time at Lancing College as a whole – whether you join in the III, IV or LVI Form. Lots of soundings are taken from lots of people and it is not so much the volume of what you do or indeed the expertise with which you do it but leadership qualities, a sense of care for others, an ability to work independently and in a team and a sense of ‘reach’ to other pupils. Prefects are selected in part as a group not solely as individuals, to be representative of all the pupils in the school and to be demonstrative of the best qualities of the student body as a whole.


What makes a Lancing College Prefect?

Lancing College Prefects are reflective of the entire school community as a whole. Academics and sportsmen and women; debaters, actors, musicians; their families live very locally and across the world. They are measured, thoughtful, articulate and questioning. Our Prefects are a collaborative bunch! Not just on this article, but also in their work alongside Housecaptains, Peer Supporters, Student Library Assistants, Sports Captains and others in embodying leadership and service within the student community. Mrs Dugdale adds ...

This group is notable for its sense of service, its good humour, and its moral courage. It is a delight to work and meet with them, to hear their insights to enjoy their commitment to Lancing current and future. I enjoy their company, admire their diligence and time management and am very proud of them, individually and collectively.

Mrs Hilary Dugdale, Senior Deputy Head

Who are the Lancing College Prefects?

This year’s cohort spans all the Houses and has pupils in its ranks who joined us in the III, IV, V and LVI Forms. I'm sure you will join us in celebrating ...

Rosalind D, Sankey's House

Alexander M, Second's House

Kayleb M, Saints' House

Louisa V, Handford House

Elodie B, Handford House

Vicky K, Field's House

George B, School House

Julia K, Manor House

Chris C, Teme House

Amelie L, Sankey's House

Hannah C, Manor House

Eric M, Teme House

Isobel C, Field's House

Lana M, Handford House

Sebastian F, Second's House

Harry S, Head's House

Tom H, Gibbs' House

Ayomide SP, Handford House

Marnix H, Head's House

Jeremiah S, Gibbs' House

Lancing College Prefects

What do our Prefects think?

What inspired you to become a Prefect?

Well, being a new pupil from the Lower 6th I had no idea what a prefect is before I came here last year but during the first few weeks, I started to figure out that they are seen like leaders and role models of the school's student body and that's how I knew I wanted to be one of them. I was pretty good friends with one of the prefects from my house at that time, Vlad and he also inspired me to try to put myself forward when any opportunity arose to represent the school.

Eric M, Teme House

What are some key misconceptions about school Prefects you’d like to change?

Some people believe that “prefect” being an acronym of “perfect” is no coincidence. However, this is not the case. Every prefect has their flaws, but kind of like a Roman shield wall, it is our union as a team, each showing our best parts, that make us a powerful comprehensive unit. 

Chris C, Teme House

What are you most looking forward to doing as a Prefect?

I am looking forward to becoming closer to the school community; something I hope to fulfil by practising an ideology close to my heart - 'servant leadership'. I feel there is great importance in holding the culture of the school in the stead of its Christian ethos. This does not mean I will be projecting my Christian beliefs onto the school body (I acknowledge and respect the variety of religions/cultures the College is so fortunate to have) but rather ensure that I lead, not with force, but with thoughtfulness and genuine care of the wider community. As Fr. Justin eloquently said in our commissioning, it is about striking a fair balance between justice and compassion.

Ayomide S-P, Handford House

If you could share one thing about being a Prefect with the wider school community, what would you say?

Although we may seem scary in our robes, we are all very approachable and will always be there for the whole school community. There are enough of us with varying skill sets who complement one another. It is a privilege and an honour to be a prefect of such a high-profile school as Lancing College.

Harry S, Head's House

Lancing College Prefects
The Lancing College Prefects, 2023-24, with Head Master Dominic Oliver and Senior Deputy Head Hilary Dugdale

A final word from our Head Master, Dominic Oliver ...

The roles and responsibilities of Lancing College Prefects are manifold: organisers, counsellors and guides to those in younger years, model students in their approach to their work and the broader life of the school, and a leading part of representing the school on all occasions, from daily routine to formal events in the Calendar. This is a much sought-after and prestigious position amongst the student body and this year’s group are a cracking bunch. It is great to see them in post.