The Magic of Anything Goes

Nothing can compare to the unique magic of Anything Goes. From the moment the music began it was impossible not to be entirely enthralled by the production and this continued throughout, each scene retaining a distinctive quality.

Reno Sweeney, played by Millie P, amazed the audience from the moment she arrived. Her confidence and talent introduced us to the sassy, sensual night club singer, transfixing her audience with her assured performance across the evening. Billy J. Crocker and Hope Harcourt, played by Theo C and Poppy S, effortlessly portrayed a true love story with comic brio. Both vastly gifted performers, the Lancing stage will miss these Upper Sixth Formers tremendously when they leave. Theo A, Bugie V-U and Alex K constantly sent the audience into gales of laughter in their comedic roles and brought real flair to their characters. The entire Lancing community is still talking about how humorous they were. Moonface Martin and Erma, played by Bradley H and Elodie B, created the perfect mischievous double act; polished characterful performances delivered with a relish which revealed how much fun they were having. The Sailor Quartet sang and acted brilliantly, Tom, Josh, Fin and Theo proving real scene stealers. Reno’s Angels were spectacular dancers. Particular mention must go to the spirited Captain and Purser (another great double act), marvellously played by Milo V and Fin S, whilst the Chorus under Emma S’ leadership as Dance Captain proved a tremendous, united ensemble of talent and commitment, a remarkable group of performers. The casting was spot on, each role flawlessly matching each actor. 

The magic on stage cannot be separated from the magic offstage. Mr Chandler – a constant source of enthusiasm and energy which makes all the difference – and Mrs Charteris ensured that everyone looked magnificent under the lights in fabulous period costumes. Rachel Brown and Abi Farmery proved once again to be wondrous choreographers, especially the remarkable tap in the title song but also the smooth movement of the ensemble in Blow Gabriel Blow and at many other moments. 

Musical Director Mr Langworthy was similarly spectacular, the orchestra flourishing under his baton. Meanwhile the singing, which his relentless enthusiasm and hard work cajoled from the company, ensured that each number was as extraordinary as the next. This musical would have been unthinkable without his guidance. 

Mr Smith’s direction undoubtedly impressed the Lancing community – his productions are different to others and his unparalleled method of directing is something special to witness. One can only imagine the levels of effort the production team put into this show to make it come to life. If you were not able to see this production, I would love to be able to comfort you  and reveal that you didn’t miss much, but that is simply impossible. This show was truly outstanding, and I am confident there will never be anything quite like it again. Everyone involved should be inordinately proud, as I know the whole of our Lancing community is. Anything Goes is most certainly one for the history books.

Annika F, Upper Sixth

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