Vet School Hopefuls

This year we have our largest cohort of students hoping to study Veterinary Medicine, with four pupils applying to universities in the UK and abroad.

In a newly created Vet Club, we meet once a week to discuss current issues in animal health as well as undertake some practical animal care, such as clipping guinea pigs’ claws. In addition to the vets, we have three pupils applying to study Medicine and two applying to study Dentistry this year.

Canon S has been aspiring to become a vet since she was five years old, and feels that Lancing has been really supportive at this critical time of university applications. ‘School facilities such as the College Farm, the stables at the Equestrian Centre and, indeed, the Vet Club have given me a broad experience which will make me a stronger candidate. I am applying to Edinburgh, Royal Veterinary College, Glasgow and Surrey universities. Furthermore, I am privileged to have three other future vets – Joyce, Aldo and Nadia – on the journey with me, as we motivate and encourage each other. The Vet Club was the place where we had the chance to get to know each other; it has been great to be part of this supportive group.’

Nadia L enjoys the many hands-on activities at the Club and loves discussing animal welfare issues. ‘An environment like this allows me to deepen my understanding on the veterinary course and gives me the opportunity to discuss topics with other passionate individuals. My passion for veterinary medicine comes from my love and curiosity towards animals. Pets bring so much joy and comfort to their owners. Being a pet owner myself, I want to be able to care for them, ensuring that their short lifespan is spent to the fullest.’

Also passionate about animals, Joyce T is planning to pursue a veterinary career in wildlife. ‘My passion for working with exotic animals comes from visiting zoos and animal rehabilitation centres. I really enjoy learning about how the treatment of emerging diseases can ease the endangerment of species. I have applied to the Royal Veterinary College and the universities of Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow. I have found Mrs Wren’s advice and guidance really helpful, particularly to strengthen my personal statement and work on universities questionnaires.’

Becky Wren, Medics Society Coordinator