Sport Scholars enjoy Talk with OL Cricketer

After the Easter break our Sports Scholars were given the wonderful opportunity to attend a virtual talk with England cricketer Mason Crane OL (Head’s 2013-2015). This talk followed on from the success of last term’s workshop about nutrition in sport with Francesca Bolt (read more here, and is part of the extensive programme of talks designed to support not only our Scholars but the wider pupil body.

Mason Crane OL left the College in 2015 and has since enjoyed many successes playing county cricket for Hampshire and T20 matches for England.

Sport Scholar Max W reports about the online talk:

Cricket is one of the toughest games in sport and someone who understands this very well is Mason Crane. In his talk to Lancing Scholars, the England and Hampshire leg-spinner spoke about how to be confident and how to come back from injury.

Mason started the talk by describing how important it is to be confident when bowling or batting against people who we think might be better than us; this gives us have the best possible chance to perform well and achieve our goals. Mason also spoke about giving ourselves the best possible chance to succeed out on the field; he said that it’s vital to train correctly and with intensity, and by always putting ourselves under pressure.

When asked by one of the Scholars how he motivates himself, Mason replied: “I really enjoy being the best at something, so I want to be the best bowler and fielder I can possibly be.” When Mason went through a difficult period due to a stress fracture, he said that surrounding himself with the right people really helped him.

I found the talk very helpful as it explained how to cope with injuries and provided good advice on how to have more confidence in ourselves.’

Fourth Former and fellow Scholar William P adds:

‘Mason Crane spoke about his career and how he became a good cricketer. However, he did not get there easily, and he talked about the obstacles he overcame and how he keeps himself fit and healthy to avoid injuries.

It was interesting how he thought that playing with a crowd gave you more confidence rather than put you under more pressure, and he spoke about how he missed that aspect of the game during lockdown. He suffered a very bad injury to his back while playing for England, and his description of his path to a full recovery was very inspiring.

It was really nice to be able to speak to someone who has enjoyed such a variety of experiences like Mason.’